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Creating Opportunities

From “providing basic needs to survive a hard life”
to “enjoying the beauty of culture and nature”.
We develop our own activities and establish social enterprises.
We also support other people and organisations that aim for social impact.


The founders of MWH4impact are deeply moved by the injustice that still exists in the world. After a succesful life in business we have now committed ourselves and our resources to contribute to the fight against injustice and poverty.

Our Focus

Fighting Poverty

Our major focus is fighting Poverty. We support and invest in initiatives that aim at sustainable economic development, especially in the developing countries.

General Social impact

Injustice and inequality do not only exist in the developing countries. Also in our own backyard people can be deprived or disadvantaged by whatever reason. Therefore we also support organisations back home who care about these people.


Fighting Poverty is a long way to go. Educating a child is investing in the eradication of Poverty in the Long Run.


Enjoying beauty. An important part of life. That’s why we support cultural projects that lift up people from their daily concerns.


ASC report on MWH4impact Northern Uganda

MWH4impact and the African Study Centre went into an "action learning trajectory" to better understand the environment we work in, and to reflect on our activities. You can download the 2015-report here.

Farming Matters, ILEIA quarterly

In "Farming Matters", a magazine of ILEIA (Centre for learning on sustainable agriculture) of June 2013 you can find a short description of our approach.

VOICE out loud

In "VOICE out loud" the EU-Newsletter of the main NGO's on relief and aid, October 2011, you can read an article on page15 about our cooperation with the Dutch NGO from 2008 -2013.

ZOA Magazine

In ZOA Magazine of May 2012 you can read a short impression of our motives and the cooperation between impact investors and an NGO.

Market research Rotterdam United 2016

Mid-2016 a research was carried out amongst christians in Rotterdam about their needs and desires "for the city".

MWH4impact-funded film
"No Place for a Rebel"
finds it International Premiere at Movies-that-Matter Festival in The Hague

No Place for a Rebel tells the story of former child soldier Opono Opondo (27), who returns to his hometown in Uganda after 16 years of fighting for the Lord’s Resistance Army. The film touches upon the many dilemmas faced by a conflict-torn society: how can justice be done? who are the victims, who are the perpetrators? Is reconcilliation possible?

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