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Education can be the catalyst to get out of poverty. Knowledge gives children self-esteem and the power to dream of a better future. We support organisations that implement high quality, effective education to children and also to adolescents in their way to a sustainable job.

Bondeko School Wakiso, Uganda

Bondeko School supports a small community North-West of Kampala, Uganda. Approximately 5.000 families live here. The entry in the community is the local primary school where two hundred children dream of a better future.

Their parents work hard to enable their children to go to school because they know that education opens new possibilities. They want a future for their children with enough food to eat, a decent income, a good health and the freedom to be responsible citizens.


We actively search for sponsors for a study grant to enable the best school leavers per year of the Bondeko-school for further studies in a combination of O-level and vocational training. For the selection we do not only look at hard school-results but also at things like their commitment, social skills, participation in skills workshops and school attendance. Their home situation too weightes heavily: they come from families where further studies would not be possible because of financial constraints.

Schooling for Life, Sierra Leone

Schooling for Life was founded by Sjierly Pereira in February 2012 after she has been to Sierra Leone in 2008 for her Masters. The stories she heard from Youth and other stakeholders had touched her so much that she decided to create a program based on all the information she had gathered. The program aims to enable Youth in Sierra Leone to achieve a brighter future. Sjierly developped a program that faces the three biggest challenges for them: access to education, lack of professionally focused social skills as well as great deficiency in personal guidance.