Increasing economic development is the best way for developing countries to enable and improve a sustainable increase in real economic welfare. That's why we invest in SME's in the South and in funds that work from the same mindset.


SME’s are the drivers of the economy. That’s why we invest either direct in promising companies or indirect through investmentfunds.
We also invest in new technologies because we think IT-applications are a powerfull tool to enhance effectiveness in programs of development, and because Tech is a promising sector in the economies of the developing countries.


Not having proper acces to finance is one of the constraints of smallholder farmers and households in the developing countries. Finance is needed to enable people to have a stable financial cashflow. Collective bodies like Sacco's (Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations) have often a huge potential to grow, but they also lack the capital themselves. Because of the high risk the mainstream business banks are not yet willing to finance,

We are willing to finance these Coops and Sacco's to realise growth and to enable them to become banakble.